Anke Grünow: “Catharsis can be dangerous”

Protagonists is a series of interviews about life, identity, and pursuing passions… Anke Grünow is a 27 year old writer/photographer/artist from Dresden, born in the faltering twilight of the GDR. She's always looking for a new angle of expression, and someone whose creative thirst I envy. She has also tried to kill herself. Twice. Are you able … Continue reading Anke Grünow: “Catharsis can be dangerous”

Bill Pearce: An Unknown Soldier

[July 2008] In the peak of the Austrian summer, exploration of Salzburg’s Altstadt proved to be everything I’ve come to expect of a traditional European city – narrow streets meandering through stone archways and rows of claustrophobia-inducing buildings ready to swallow you whole. Looming above, the Hohensalzburg Castle overlooks the fabled city and the Salzach … Continue reading Bill Pearce: An Unknown Soldier